Monday, 15 November 2010

Cold November Days..

Okies, this is gonna be my first ever post from my first ever blog... How do I do this? @_@

Just came back shopping in Golders Green and OMG it's super duper colddddd!! >__<
Bought lots of noodles (typical asian yes I know =PP) and "CHEESE" flavoured ice-cream!! (recommended by the boyffie!) 
I know what you must be thinking....CHEESE-FLAVOURED ICE-CREAM right? Must be yuckyyy! 

And here it is - the very interesting ice-cream! 
*cough* Please, excuse my shiny shiny face *cough*

I shall give this ice-cream a taste later on..=)) Should taste good for the £7.80 price tag attached to it O_O

Nevertheless, the Filipino's actually make some of the nicest products around!

For example, Likas Papaya Herbal Soap:

It's "enriched with Papaya enzyme and blended with tropical herbs to whiten the skin. For clearer and fine skin complexion". It's Philippines first pure organic skin whitening soap bar.

I've been using it to even out my complexion (i've had rosy cheeks ALL MY LIFE ), not to get lighter coz I'm pale as it is hehe...I don't think it actually makes you lighter in such a way but evens out your skin tone and softens the skin creating the desired "fairer effect" =)) It is definitely recommended by me and worth trying, PLUS it smells GREAT and doesn't irritate my sensitive skin! Perfect!! Mmmm =DD (Y)