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Me and My Once Upon a Time Super Duper Long Hair! Micro Ring Extensions Review!

Hi guys!

Sorry I haven't been blogging lately.. or shall I say for MONTHS! O_O" Arghh!

Just been terribly busy with Uni and all the other stuff that comes packaged with being a student haha! ;DD

So this is gonna be a random (and awfully late) post that I should have done a longgg time ago ;))

Just looking back at past photo's and I came across some when I had my micro ring extensions in. They lasted for 4 months before I had to remove them all as it got terribly matted at the back of my head :PP Not bad, not bad!

These piccies were taken last year around the winter season :DD Thought I share my thoughts and experience with micro ring extensions with you guys :))

What are micro ring extensions? 

"Micro ring extensions are generally considered as being the safest strand-by-strand extension method on the market today. There is no glue, sewing or braiding involved so this means that there is no damage to your natural hair!
This method attaches strands of extensions hair to your own hair by use of a small ring, known as a micro ring. The rings are clamped in place and provide a secure bond that can withstand vigorous activity!  Micro rings are comfortable to wear and won’t slip out! The rings come in different colours to match your hair and are coated with silicon for extra comfort. This method is easy to apply and remove.
Micro rings should last for about 3 months before having to be removed and reused or replaced. Maintenance appointments to tighten the rings will be needed every 4-6 weeks.
This method is suitable for use with ALL HAIR TYPES!"
You can read the full description here.

Where did I go to get them?
I had mine done at Louise Pierre Salon in London, Euston.
31 Chalton Street

What did I have and How much did it cost?

They was having an offer currently at the time and I jumped the wagon and went in for the kill as I had always worn my clip-in extensions (as seen in my previous post) which was time consuming and tedious every morning.
spent around £450 if I can remember correctly (with £20 deducted as I waited for over an hour as she was applying them with another customer). I chose to have a full head of Brazilian hair at 28" in length. This was the priciest type and longest length in the salon. I actually had to get 2 colours mixed in together to match my hair colour at the time as I had multi-highlighted hair of warm and cool tones :// weird I know.

Full price listing and details can be found here :DDD

Piccie time!! v^___^v

Having luxurious long hair was a joy for a while but became extremely high maintenance!
I chose the Brazilian quality hair as they were the thickest out of European, Indian and Chinese types available. I did the full head (around 150-200) of 180 rings at 28" - boy, it was so damn HEAVY!! Haha!
VOILA! In about 3 hours and £470 later, my thin medium length hair transformed into Long Thick Luscious Strong Healthy locks!! *____* oOoOohh aAaAahhh.

At around this time, I went to the hairdressers to layer and cut the extensions to mix in with my real hair. I had 3" cut off as I realised that it was far too long for my liking after a while haha! Arghhh what a waste of money, I would've saved more £££ if I had opted for a shorter length!
The extensions looked SO REAL and NATURAL! Nobody and I mean NOBODY could tell it was fake ;PP

 My hair was a Light Ash Brown with Golden Blonde Undertones at the time. This made my Neutral-Warm complexion appear a lot cooler and lighter!
The long hair made me feel even more of a girly girl and elongated my face - slimming down my chubby cheeks :))

Teehee, was just getting ready to go out and above is just a before make up free face look and an after made up face look :PP
I only ever rarely go out of the house without some sort sort of makeup on my face but it seems that with the addition of gorgeous long shiny locks - it don't seem as bad! OMG, did I just say that?! I love my beauty products too much!! Kekeke!!

Sorry, I've lost my other photo's so have to use one from the web >__< DOH! 
It should look something like this when applied!

My final thoughts on having micro-ring extensions:

Pro's of Micro-ring extensions:
- Least damaging to your natural hair compared to other methods of bonding such as glue as it requires No Heat or No Glue :))
- Quite long lasting
- Looks extremely naturaaaal! ;)) Beautiful results!
- Expect loads of compliments kekeke! ;DD
- Easy to style

Con's of having micro-ring extensions:

- Rather pricey if no offers are available
- Expect to lose a few bonds within the first week due to brushing and washing hair
- Uncomfortable weight applied to your natural hair (but will soon get used to it hehe)
- Very high maintenance (only applicable to the longer hair lengths)! It took me over an hour to wash, blow-dry and style just my hair!
- The extra weight tugged on my hair and once removed my hair looked thinner and flatter than before >__< (any type of extensions are more suitable for those with stronger hair)
- Will get matted and tangled if you don't attend monthly maintenance T__T

Would I get this done again? 

As lovely as it looks.. Most likely NOT as it is rather expensive, also the cost of maintenance every 4 weeks is £50 for me to move the rings up more to the crown as they will slide down due to hair growth, gravity, washing etc.

Final verdict:

This was a great experience but sadly not one I would repeat. After removal of the extensions my hair was in a complete state (looks very thin and dry) as my hair was probably damaged to begin with :'(( But if you have strong healthy hair, can afford+maintain it £££ and want longer hair - by all means go for it and try it out! ;)) 

If you live in London and are interested in Micro ring extensions, weaves, wigs etc I definately recommend checking out Louise Pierre Salon. She is so talented, professional and friendly.

But for me, I think i'll just let time do all the growing!! And spend my money on other things ;PP Teehee!! 

Until Next Time


Monday, 22 October 2012

Clairol Nice 'n Easy Colour Blend Foam 5G Medium Golden Brown *PIC HEAVY*

Before Hair Colour:

Before colour: Previously had bleached blonde highlights with a light ash brown base then dyed it all with a golden light apricot in London China Town before going away on holiday to Hong Kong (and it was a Summer colour ;PP). Hair dressers recommendation as she says: "it brightens up my face!" - Errrrm.. did it tho? ://
 Mega root growth (evident in sister pics). Hair was terribly fried by the sizzling hot summer sun of HK (also the dye. No bleach my ass! That stuff BURNED like nothing i've ever felt before!) :(( and I swear I was en route to becoming a ginger! ://

 xsofeex and moi :)) The "weird" one. This one creates a hell lot of random-ass noises i've ever heard come out from one person - Period! :// Also her comedic faces are the BEST ;)) Visit my baby sisters blog here if you may :DD

Taken in natural lighting. Look how the brassiness of my hair drowned out the colour of my face - looks SO pinkish and white? I guess that was "The Look" my hair dresser was going for. Wouldn't mind it too much if it didn't me look tired all the time. Unflattering. (Bare in mind, I was TANNED a few shades here yet I still look paleish?!).

This is my youngest baby sister. Awhh she's cute right? NAWWWT! This one's the "Annoying" one ;PP She was born with too much lip! All talk talk talk!! Frequent phrases you may hear coming from her mouth: "You Jelly Bro..?", "Trolololol", "Yeah boy!". Me: "Arghhh!!" >__< Too much TOWIE and Internet slang me thinks! o__O"

OK enough of straying! Back to the topic of HAIR! Haha! 

[Review] The Hair Dye:
I was in Tesco's (approx £6.49 at the time per box I think) and spontaneously reached for this particular colour and it was a foam! Which means an easier and mess-free application right compared to traditional dyes right? :PP 

I was determined to go a chocolate brown in time for Winter and to add more red tones into my hair as my undertones were now blonde -___- from the countless dye jobs to get a to my dream BRONDE (blonde/brown mix) stage. My wish was fulfilled after multiple subtle bleaches in the hair dyes, It looked so pretty in the first week but because of uni I didn't have the time and energy to condition and care for it properly and eventually turned into a dry frizzy mess! (Think: HAY!) T___T Totally regret it now - dye after dye actually thinned my hair a bit >_< I mean, I'm all for being slim but who wants skinny hair?? O__O NUH-UH!

So, I thought by bringing in warmer tones to my hair I should be able to restore the shine and lustre my hair once had many years ago :PP I came came across this shade (probably the model on the box sold me as well. It looked sooo good on her haha!).

On the box it shows a rich medium milk chocolate colour with a hint of maroon. Soo prettyyy!!

Unfortunately, I don't have any pics of the dye on my new phone :(( So, as the best alternative - I've found some on the internet instead ^___^

(Image taken from courtesy of

Here's the shade chart located at the back of the box on approx how the dye would turn out like after application (Looks totally different from the front of box tbh).

After Hair Colour:
(Following pics were enlarged to show as much of the colour as possible. Please note: Colours differ on different screens)
After 2 days: My hair looks practically near natural black with a splash of deep wine.
Don't think I suit very dark colours well - makes my features more harsh ahaha DD:
Here is me with Lanomche (don't worry if you can't pronounce her name. I can't either!). Visit her blog if you like here :)) The "Dark horse". She can appear shy and timid. Be warned - all hell can break loose with this one hahaha! xDD

After 5 days: The colour seems to have lightened quite noticeably :)) After 5 days, there seems to be a very subtle purply/red tinge to my hair - lightened to quite a nice deep chocolate brown ^_^

After 2 weeks:  The red undertones are definitely pushing its way through now. I'm starting to see red highlights :)) I totally adore this colour :DD

 Haha, ignore my "Yea, W.E" goofy semi-serious face on the second pic here :PP I didn't have any others unfortunately. (I don't take nearly as many pics many other bloggers do :(( Maybe I should start to do that!) 
After 3 weeks: Oh what happened?
Taken in artificial lighting in my room. This seems to cancel out any redness in my hair :// Looks more ash to me now. 
4 weeks later: Phew, the warmth is still there :)) Guess my hair was so dry from all the rain and wind we've been getting lately in London. Brrr. Wrap up!
My hair is noticeably drying up - split ends?
(Oh Gawdddd. Why must my face show up so pinky here? Haha!).
5 weeks after: Look at that shine! *__* Ohh how I missed you!
This was taken in bright artificial lighting. Red tones are nicely visible but less red now. It's more golden! Brightens up my complexion? ;))
Used my GHD's my boyffie bought me last Xmas - this year has flown by! :OO

Super current pic in indoor lighting. Wearing just mascara and tried out DiorSkin Nude Natural Glow Radiant Fluid Foundation in 020 Light Beige (That's a mouthful!). My Super Lazy makeup day! Hehe!!
3 days ago: As you can see, my blondish undertones are slowly creeping through again 5 weeks later :(( don't think i'm gonna stay dark-haired much longer with a few more washes.
Used the Banana Shampoo and Banana Conditioner from The Body Shop. (It's so moisturising and clarifies the hair at the same time. Try them out!).

Overall Verdict:
I know with my camera skillage, its very difficult to make out the actual colour of my hair due to the difference in lighting and just the cruddy quality of the images. I should invest in a proper camera (I actually do have one but it makes all my images slightly warmer than normal o__O). 

And the amount of hair washing is inconsistent per week, which does not give a reliable test on the durability of colour of the product. 

The colour probably did not turn out as expected due to my base colour being a light orangey brown colour hence why this shade is coming through right now. Would probably be a beautiful colour on those with you with neutral brown hair. 

- It's relatively cheap and easily available in most health+beauty stores and supermarkets. 
- Fuss free easy foam application
- Comes out darker when freshly applied but lightens after a few washes. Nearly comparable to the box shade - Yaaay! ^__^
- Hair seems more healthier and shinier after :))  
- It is rather gentle on your hair :DD *Thumbs up* - Does not irritate scalp
- Has a strong chemical smell to this dye =__=" Must apply in a well ventilated room! 
- One bottle is enough to cover my whole head - medium/long coarse hair.

- Un-exciting shade selection (for me that is hehe)
- Outcome colour is always much darker than box colour on my asian hair when using European brands compared Asian brands in the beginning. Dye was only left on for 20mins.

Would I repurchase? 
Probably in a different colour. It's actually not that bad. 
I would most likely go for an Asian foam dye in the future (more suited for my asian hair). Such as the Liese Bubble Hair Color Dye (Korean brand) or Palty Foam Hair Color Dye (Japanese brand).

Would I recommend?
Yes, if you want a cheap, quick and easy DIY dye job :)) 
This 5G Medium Golden Brown shade brings more warmth and life to my complexion - I look less dead now than I did before. A lovely Winter shade :DD

What do you guys think? 

Do you prefer lighter or darker hair? :))

Have you tried Clairol's Nice 'n Easy Colour Blend Foam dye? 

Let me know :DD

Until next time :))

Sunday, 21 October 2012

Choize Collagen White Plus+ 2 in 1 Aqua Hydration Gel Review

Hello, to all my beautiful ladies out there :))

Boy, have I got a product to share with you today!

It's not well known and it may be quite a rare find ;PP

One word: A-MA-ZING!!! *Light shines down with the sound of angels and bells*

I have never found a hydrating gel as good as this one before! Because I have combination skin leaning more towards the dry side (especially now its Winter), not many "gel" moisturisers have worked for me in the past as they weren't hydrating enough and my skin would begin to feel tight after 1 hour of use :((

Then comes along this baby :DD

Frosted glass packaging. Has a luxurious and expensive feel to it . The picture does it no justice at all!
This miracle gel has restored the smoothness and suppleness of my cheeks after having my eczema outbreak 2 years ago as I could not get rid of my dry rough cheeks as a result of that  >_< This took time and with continuous use day and night my dehydrated cheeks were back to normal once again :)) This took me around 2 months and is totally HG quality! It also contains a spatula (not shown in pics) therefore is very hygienic ^___^


Choize Collagen White Plus+ 2 in 1 Aqua Hydration Gel 50g

This 2 in 1 Aqua Hydration Gel can be used as an overnight mask. With a high penetration Aqua ingredients formula, this product is similar to Natural Moisture Factor “NMF”of human body. Associated with hyaluronic acid, it retains hydration of skin for 24 hours.  It immediately soothes the skin and restores damaged hydrolipid film.  Amino Acids and VIT C helps skin elasticity and activates collagen.  With continuous use, skin with roughness, dryness and dehydration conditions will be improved.

For Basic Care:  Before applying lotion, take appropriate amount over face and neck with gentle massage until absorbed. Use daily in the morning and evening.For Intensive Night Care: Apply adequate amount over face and leave it overnight and rinse on next day morning.  This treatment is ideal for extremely dry and dehydration skin. Use once or twice a week.
Skin Type
For all skin types including sensitive skin type

Size: 50g / 1.7 FLOZ

Unfortunately, I long threw away the box it came with and cannot seem to find the ingredients list online T___T So sorry about that guys! 

Comes with an inner lid - keeps it fresher for longer
[My Verdict]

Texture, Sensation, Scent and Appearance:
Texture? This gel formula is very light and but quite firm in the jar. Once touched to the heat of your skin it transforms into a watery consistency and liquefies. It is very soft and smooth and glides on effortlessly. It absorbs rather quickly as well ^_^ Gives a soft-focus finish and a very slightly dewy look :))

Sensation? Once applied on the skin, it feels very cooling (just like water). This is a very comfortable sensation for me as it helps calm down my heated red cheeks after cleansing :PP

Scent? It has a nice fresh relaxing scent and reminds me of the ocean for some reason o__O..? I don't know whether this is natural or not.

Appearance? The product comes in a frosted glass jar with a silver lid. It feels rather luxurious and expensive in hand. The gel is milky translucent white in colour with a hint of baby blue. Once again, I don't know if this is natural or not as silly me threw away the box >_< DOH! 

I loved it so much. Not much product left :(( Took me so long to do a review :PP The colour of the gel looks more intense in pictures. In real life it is milky translucent white with a a tinge of baby blue.
Due to its lightness, I was sceptical whether it would provide enough hydration for my eczematic skin. It certainly does! This product can also be used as an intensive night mask - just slather it on generously over your night moisturiser before going to sleep and wake up to baby butt smooth, firm, plumped up skin in the morning :))

For extra hydration for times when I need it. I top up using the Sky Lake Green Essence (reviewed here). When I get a really bad eczema flare up, I just use an emollient such as E45 for these areas only --> SLATHER THAT STUFF ON >:PP

Quality and Results:
This product was developed in France - says something already hmm? ;)) The French creates some of the most  beautiful skin care products around without sacrificing skin sensitivity. Think Clarins, Chanel, Caudalie, La Roche-Posay, Avene etc.. :DD

From the ingredients list you can see there are only a handful used in creating this product. From this, you can ensure that even the most sensitive skins are able to use this (especially mine! whoop!). The less ingredients put into the product, the less likely you are to react to it! :))

Choize 2 in 1 Aqua Hydration Gel was actually recommended to me by a sales assistant as she noticed I had  slightly red irritated skin with little surface bumps on my cheeks at the time (not a pretty sight!) and nothing I used could restore the smoothness of my cheeks I once had before my eczema outbreak 2 years ago! >__<
She told me because it is such a gentle product it is able to repair the damaged barrier of my skin. She was right! Fast forward 2 months, my skin has never looked so good, so smooth, so pinchably soft! :DD

Whitening? I think the moisturiser evened out my skin tone a bit as it contains a mild whitening agent. I'm surprised that I didn't react to that as I usually react to any product that claims to whiten. 

Collagen? As for the collagen bit to it. Umm I don't think I see a dramatic difference because I suppose my skin is still young and don't experience a lack of elasticity just yet? *Touch Wood* Just losing my baby fat hehe! But a lil prevention from ageing doesn't hurt now does it at my age of 22? ;PP I think it tightens my cheeks a little bit making them look firmer - could this be the result of the collagen working? xDD

Soft jelly-like texture. 
Turns into water once smoothed and  heated up on the skin
Non-sticky and non-oily once smoothed in. Gives a cooling sensation that lasts - me likey! 
Fully absorbed. Instantaneous softness and super smooth skin ^___^ Doesn't feel like you have anything on apart from the slight cooling sensation hehe (Eww look at my veins! bleugh!)
Gives a soft-focus velvety finish with a hint of dewy-ness - Love love LOVEE!!
I bought this whilst holidaying in Hong Kong in a beauty shop called Aster. This retails at HK$ 245.00 (approx £19.74) but was on offer at HK$ 196.00 (approx £15.80) for 50g worth of product. Total Steal (if I must say so) for something that works and repairs and restores damaged skin. I cannot stress the amount of money I have spent on products that claim to work the same way as this product does with no prevail >:((

Where to Buy:
If your in HK you can find this in beauty supply shops such as Aster, and possibly Colormix.
Can be found online here at Aster.

If your living in the UK like me, I believe that they only seem to sell this in Asia? I can't seem to find any online stores/sellers that is willing to ship to the UK :'(( Nooo! *Heart Broken*

FINALLY, I FOUND A PRODUCT WITH POSITIVE AND EFFECTIVE CLAIMS! As you can see, I am most satisfied with this and cannot rave about this enough! 

- Repairs and restores damaged skin
- Maintains healthy skin
- Non oily and hydrating
- Makes skin soft, smooth and supple
- Quick and easy absorption - provides a good base for make up
- Does not cause break outs
- Reasonably priced
- Spreads easily therefore a jar can last you quite a long time.
- Can be used as an intensive night mask
- Can be used in conjunction with other creams if you need extra hydration
- Cooling sensation on skin 
- Elegant packaging
- SUITABLE FOR ALL SKIN TYPES INCLUDING SENSITIVE SKINS (eczema-prone, irritable, acne-prone) :))
- Has a little spatula to scoop out the product - super hygienic! 

- Very difficult to find for those not living in HK
- Does not contain SPF (This does not bother me as I am quite sensitive to SPF) for all you guys who prefer having a bit of sun protection with your moisturisers
- Has a scent (fresh and slightly floral)
- Has a bit of colouring (though this could be natural)

Would I Repurchase?
A solid YES (if I can get my hands on this again though) *sob sob*

But I suppose I have to look for an equivalent seeing I wont be going back to HK to repurchase for a while :'(( UNLESS any of you guys are able to purchase this and is able to sell me this beautiful product - I'll LOVE you forever! Haha! 

Thanks for reading beautiful's, 
Until next time, Kayleigh xoxo

Sunday, 16 September 2012


It's always fun and interesting to read tags and I saw this popular tag circling around the beauty blogging community, so I decided to do one myself ^_^... So yeah! Hope you enjoy my very first tag ;PP

Here goes!

How old were you when you started wearing makeup?
I think I was 12 years old during year 8 in comprehensive school. I remember going into my local Superdrug, all confused whilst looking at the makeup products. It was all intimidating - there were sooo many different items, brands, and colours.. I didn't know where to start! :PP In the end, I just settled for a black kohl liner from Rimmel in hope to enlarge my eyes haha. From then on, I rimmed only the bottom of my eyes day after day (bad look ughh) - then along came mascara and foundation xDD 

How did you get into makeup?
Through friends. They were all quite early into make up. I remember my best friend at the time would rim her eyes with black liner and coat on mascara to define and emphasize her eyes. I did the same eventually, but little did I know makeup techniques differ according to eye shape. Her eyes were round, mine were almond. Yups, beauty mishap! Instead of enhancing my eye shape by making it appear brighter and larger etc.. It had quite the opposite effect  T___T

What are some of your favorite brands?
Drugstore: L'oreal, Maybelline, Revlon and possibly a dash of bourjois.

High-end: Dior, YSL, Lancome (I would love to buy more but given given my current situation - seems unlikely anytime soon *sobs*).

Foreign brands: Etude House, Laneige, Lioele, Shiseido, Kanebo Kate, Jill  Stuart, Canmake.

Ultimate favourite brand would have to be ETUDE HOUSE as their makeup is high quality at very affordable prices and they have a humongous range of different products - there is always something for someone. 

What does makeup mean to you?
I believe make up is used as a tool to enhance the beauty each one of us possess and not as a means of a disguise. When too much is applied, it subtracts you from this beauty. 

If you could only wear 4 products on your face what would they be?
Mascara, Liquid Eyeliner, Eyeshadow, and Lipbalm. My usual everyday items really ;PP I only emphasize the eyes. 

What is your favorite thing about makeup?
Make up is able to bring out your best features and minimize any flaws. It is such a powerful tool that brings out the best in us females, giving us confidence and making us feel beautiful and content with the person looking back at us in our reflection.

What do you think about drugstore makeup VS. high end makeup?
High end make up = you get what you paid for - the quality. In my perfect world, I would have an unlimited supply of money to afford to buy from the high end only hehehe ;PP

There are many drugstore products that perform very well for the price and if the product is good, the brand does not matter :)) I am a very skin conscience person, so I tend to only buy high end foundation as I believe it contains better quality ingredients :PP

What is one tip of advice you can give to a beginner?
There is always beauty in something natural - be light on the makeup, your skin would thank you in the future :DD

What is one makeup trend you never understood?


Ganguro is literally the term for "Black Face". It originated from Japan and the ganguro style consists of heavily tanned skin, bleached orange-blonde hair or even silver grey known as "High-Bleached". The eyes are heavily lined using black ink and a white concealer is used as lipstick and eyeshadow.  Fake eyelashes, plastic facial gems, and pearl powder are often added to this. Platform shoes and brightly coloured outfits complete the ganguro look. Also typical ofganguro fashion are tie dyed sarongs, miniskirts, stickers on the face, and many bracelets, rings, and necklaces

What do you think about the beauty community on YouTube?
I love it. There are so many excellent make up gurus out there sharing their tips, techniques, applications and knowledge for us all. It's so inspiring. 
Hopefully, I would be able to bring myself to post up a video on YouTube one day. But for now, product blogging will do :DD 

Go on, Tag yourselves! v(o^__^o)v

Until next time xoxo

Friday, 7 September 2012

For baby sissy! Haha! ;DD



He's cute.
He's soft.
He's cuddly.
He's honey coloured.
He's a baby bear.
Children and young adults alike both love him.
Including you.
Especially you.
What's not to love?

But, have you realised...

gif maker


His master plan = SUCCESS!!

(Ps. I actually thought they were the same bear in the past hahaha) o___O

Thursday, 9 August 2012

Skylake Natural Green Essence + Skylake Natural Eye Cream Review

I have very sensitive skin that is eczema-prone on the cheeks and is easily irritated. So choosing natural origin products without any harsh ingredients or chemicals is very important for me.

From my HK trip in a shop called "Colormix", a sales assistant observed my skin (it was slightly red, rough in texture and peeling on the cheeks *shivers*) and recommended me to try these Skylake products: The essence for night time use as a night cream and an eye cream to be used daily, day and night! 

I was a bit dubious at first but due to the current appearance of my skin I was desperate to improve it as nothing works arghhh!! Even if I had to go through hundreds of products using trial and error, spending a whole lotta £££ - I WOULD! >:(( I'M THAT DETERMINED!! Then again, i'm a sucker for trying out different natural products with claims to improve skin tone and texture :PP Hehe! 

Never heard of the Korean Brand - SKYLAKE before? 
Here's some info regarding the brand (taken from their website: Sky lake):

ABOUT US"Green company SKYLAKE 
Our factory is placed in very clean area where traditional medical faith has started and been famous for taking care of man's sickness and making wishes come true. 
Our products are made of oriental herbs. They are selected from special products of our home town, Kyoung san-City and studied and experimented by doctors and local University. We make abstracted water(Sky Lake Herb Water) with our whole mind. 

Below, are a list of ingredients used in SkyLake's products (the amount varies with each product). 

This content is referenced from a Botanical List and the Efficacy
can be different depends on using method medical herb

Nourish the Blood, restore,
Acceleration Blood Circulation, bactericidal

Clean Blood, disinfects,Antiphlogistic stimulate

Removal Fever,disinfects

Acceleration Blood Circulation, soothe, bactericidal, emollient

disinfects, soothe, Skin Ulcer, emollient

Antiphlogistic,Antidote,disinfects,antiseptic, Relax Pain)

soothe, Removal Fever, bactericidal

Removal Fever, Antidote, Antiphlogisti

Removal Fever, Nutrition Robustness

Stomachache, antiseptic

hydrate, Clean Blood, Lower Blood Pressure, Prevention Constipation

Nourish Blood, Decreasing Cholesterol,
Prevention Constipation, stimulate

Antidote, Antiphlogisti,Relax Trouble

Removal impurities , Control Sebum

Anti-Oxidation, Inhibition of Aging

Discharging Harmful Stuff from Body, Energizing,revitalis the skin


help strengthen the cutaneous barrier, provide comfort 

Alrightioooo, with all the background info done - here's the review and piccies bit:

Natural Eye Cream (L) Natural Green Essence (R)

Both comes packaged with Hygienic Pump Nozzle Tops! Whoop!
Both Suitable: For All Skin Types
Both Size: 50 ml

I love the packaging as it showcases that its a luxurious all natural product thus gives off a luxurious feel. The eye cream is very sleek and slender - very cute and easily portable but on the other hand, the essence bottle looks to be 3x the size of the eye cream even though they both carry 50 ml. This is due to the excess packaging of the extra wall of plastic encasing it. On the plus side, the essence is exceptionally light in hand. 

The pump nozzle tops make these products very hygienic as it greatly reduces the risk of contamination from your hands and the exposure of the air around it :)) 

Product description for Skylake Natural Green Essence:

Nurturing your skin comes naturally with oriental herb water spray. “Herb Water of Sky-lake” is extracted and distilled from oriental herbal medicine which is matured in a Korean traditional jar.

Our Herb water has natural herb components without any chemicals. Come face to face with the benefits of nature as
this cooling, refreshing mist helps hydrate and balance your skin while minimizing surface oil build-up.

Refreshingly aromatic helps tone, balance and replenishes moisture. Dryness Skin can be maintained Moisture by  moisturizing action, and in case of oily or combination skin, you can get oil & moisture level on your skin balanced by shrinkage pores effect.

- Natural Green Essence is made of chamomile oil highly effected for antiseptic and relaxing so that gives energy to sensitive and dry skin. It also uses a patented oriental herb water that has soothing and moisturizing effects on skin.

Containing 18 kinds of the Tianchi unique to the South Korean side herbal extracts with efficient whitening, moisturizing, anti-inflammatory, detoxification, sedation and other effects. In addition to Tianchi unique herbal formula, in particular to join the highest anti-inflammatory, sedative, moisturizing, repair, whitening and speed up the metabolism of the precious ingredients, Sang Shirane, butylene glycol, glycerin, roman chamomile, allantoin, hyaluronic acid, vitamin E, refined and pure technical ingredients to achieve ultrafine subdivision sub, the cells easily absorb, and to achieve the perfect effect.

Ingredients: Moisturizing: - Pueraria , butylene glycol , glycerin , hyaluronic acid , biological sugar can soft skin and maintain flexibility. To supplement the skin's natural sebum, has the function of moisturizing. 
Antioxidant tighten: -Vitamin E Antioxidant moisturizer to maintain connective tissue and protect the skin from UV damage, epidermal growth factor , increased epidermal smooth, adenosine plays an important role in the energy conversion cycle of the human body, with help the metabolism of the skin, smooth wrinkles effect. Anti-inflammatory Whitening healing: - Sang Bai root , Cork , gotu kola , roman chamomile , Glycyrrhiza glabra , anti-inflammatory Angelica , sedation helps whitening and sedation soothing effect. Usage ︰ this product after cleansing morning and evening and make-up water, remove the appropriate component, and then coated with the day-to-day care products. * Suitable for dry and ageing skin.  

- Use a small amount spread on the face.
- Covered with the palm to the face helping the absorption of the product, then tapping gently.

Blob of essence - it has a thick, mild cloudy-ish gel like consistency 
Rub rub rub
Watery in appearance once spread out - only very little is needed to cover desired area (I put a lil too much on!). Massage until fully absorbed.
Verdict on Skylake Natural Green Essence:

Smell: A natural grassy oriental herb sortta smell if you've ever smelt that before kekeke! Either way, its bearable and quite aromatic. The scent, I find does not linger for long. In the beginning I wasn't particularly a fan of the smell but after a while - I LOVE IT! Mmmmm.. grassyyy goodness!!

Texture: Very light and smooth gel texture that glides on skin effortlessly. 

Price: I paid $450HKD so that's approx £37.11

What I like about it: 
- Does not clog pores
- Made with all natural ingredients
- Would not irritate sensitive eczema prone skin
- Hydrates skin leaving a semi-matt finish. Definitely great for all skin types.
- Has to be massaged till product is absorbed - this promotes facial exercise preventing sagging skin.

What I dislike about it:
- Has a natural oriental herb scent which I like but not all would like it
- It's pricey and difficult to find outside of HK/Korea
- Order online only for UK buyers

Overall Verdict:
It is a very nice product from Skylake. Does not irritate my skin and soothes and gently hydrates my skin on more troubled days. I believe I have found my HG essence for night time use ^___^

Would I recommend it? Ohhh hellss yess x2!! It's heavennn for my erratic, ever-changing skin! 

Would I repurchase? Will continue using it till its last beautiful gel drop and buy more IF I can find it online at a good price T___T If you live in HK and have sensitive skin - get yourself down to the nearest Colormix and grab yourself one ASAP!!


Product description for Skylake Natural Eye Cream:

It reduces puffiness and energizes skin
1.Composited Extracting water of oriental Herbs of Sky-Lake that has patents and certificate of US FDA gives great effect of skin relax from stress and skin moisturizing.

2. Natural Bees wax and Propolis give skin natural nutrition and moisture.

3. Using Bees wax makes some glossy, but it is highly 
nourishing cream, not oil. 

4. Using natural preservative, 100% natural cosmetic.
• Promotes radiance around eyes 
• Refreshes with rose and Ylang-Ylang essential oils 
• Protects with powerful anti-oxidants

Thick and creamy consistency
Smoothing out the eye cream
Completely smoothed out - see the hydration?
Verdict on SkyLake's Natural Eye Cream:

Smell: Very similar scent to the essence but much milder with a sweeter scent due to the rose and ylang-ylang essential oils may be? :PP

Texture: Thick and creamy. Takes some time to fully absorb.

Price: 360 HKD approx to £29.71

What I like about the product:
- Basic essential eye cream for daily night and day use. Perfect for young sensitive skin. 
- Does not irritate the sensitive eye area.
- Made from natural ingredients.
- Great for sensitive skins.

What I dislike about the product:
- I like that it's a basic eye cream but has absolutely no added benefits such as anti-ageing, firming, whitening etc. I suppose I don't really need it yet at 22 but prevention is better than treatment right? ;PP
- Takes a long time to fully absorb - a bit on the heavy side.
- Leaves an oily film around the eyes - due to the beeswax.
- Settles into fine lines and I see no improvement.
- Has rose and ylang-ylang essential oils! Not good for those sensitive to these ingredients.

Overall verdict:
Only a so-so eye cream for me. Nothing to be extremely excited about. For the price of around £30, I don't think its worth the price as its a bit too greasy and heavy for my liking. However, contains natural ingredients suitable for sensitive skin.

Would I recommend it? Yes, great for those who want a basic eye cream that moisturises and for those with dry/extremely sensitive skin. Might be a bit too oily for oily skins though. 

Would I repurchase it? Hmm probably not once i've finished the bottle. Will try something new - Still in search of my HG eye cream! :((

Okay, that's it for now! :)) Until next time!!