Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Koji Dolly Wink Otona Line Natural Dolly No.9 Review

This review was done in the night just before going to bed hehe. So no natural lighting here and tired eyes hmphh :(((

Front of pack 
Back of pack
Close up of lashes + glue 
Front view
Side View *Ahem* and the fuzzy brow -_-
Super Natural - Elongates and opens up the eyes

As you can see the lashes look extremely natural and is amazing at enlarging the eyes. I am only wearing the falsies in these photo's and nothing but the falsies (ohh and lenses if you want to include that hehe) :))

Damn, i'm not having a good hair day at all :(( Should do a hair mask soon. My poor poor frizzy, brittle dyed hair T___T TIP: Never EVER bleach your hair if you don't know much information about the aftercare... like me =__="

My verdict on these lashes:

Very good quality and well made that does not lose its shape. Can be used at least 20-30 times if taken care of properly ;)) I use the dolly wink eye lash case to store mine and keep them safe ^__^

Design - Length/Volume
The lashes has a criss-cross design where the lashes ascends in length from the inner lash corner to the outer corner creating natural volume, even though the lashes are rather thin. The length exceeds the natural lash line and is best worn straight from the box to enlarge the eye.

Extremely comfortable. The spine is thin and malleable yet keeps its shape. The lashes themselves are very light and feathery thus won't weigh down your lids.

Would I recommend these: YES YES YES! I lovee theem :DDD For all those who like the more natural look ;)))


  1. Thank you for the review, these lashes look so natural :)
    I like it!

    1. Hey Girlyy!
      Yea, these lashes are super duper natural! <3
      I thoroughly recommend that you give them a try ^_^ will not disappoint! ;DD

  2. Your front view looks funny ....

  3. look very natural
    i love dolly wink product

    1. Indeed they do ^_^
      The only ever other dolly wink product I own is the liquid liner which I totally LOVEEE! :DD