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Clairol Nice 'n Easy Colour Blend Foam 5G Medium Golden Brown *PIC HEAVY*

Before Hair Colour:

Before colour: Previously had bleached blonde highlights with a light ash brown base then dyed it all with a golden light apricot in London China Town before going away on holiday to Hong Kong (and it was a Summer colour ;PP). Hair dressers recommendation as she says: "it brightens up my face!" - Errrrm.. did it tho? ://
 Mega root growth (evident in sister pics). Hair was terribly fried by the sizzling hot summer sun of HK (also the dye. No bleach my ass! That stuff BURNED like nothing i've ever felt before!) :(( and I swear I was en route to becoming a ginger! ://

 xsofeex and moi :)) The "weird" one. This one creates a hell lot of random-ass noises i've ever heard come out from one person - Period! :// Also her comedic faces are the BEST ;)) Visit my baby sisters blog here if you may :DD

Taken in natural lighting. Look how the brassiness of my hair drowned out the colour of my face - looks SO pinkish and white? I guess that was "The Look" my hair dresser was going for. Wouldn't mind it too much if it didn't me look tired all the time. Unflattering. (Bare in mind, I was TANNED a few shades here yet I still look paleish?!).

This is my youngest baby sister. Awhh she's cute right? NAWWWT! This one's the "Annoying" one ;PP She was born with too much lip! All talk talk talk!! Frequent phrases you may hear coming from her mouth: "You Jelly Bro..?", "Trolololol", "Yeah boy!". Me: "Arghhh!!" >__< Too much TOWIE and Internet slang me thinks! o__O"

OK enough of straying! Back to the topic of HAIR! Haha! 

[Review] The Hair Dye:
I was in Tesco's (approx £6.49 at the time per box I think) and spontaneously reached for this particular colour and it was a foam! Which means an easier and mess-free application right compared to traditional dyes right? :PP 

I was determined to go a chocolate brown in time for Winter and to add more red tones into my hair as my undertones were now blonde -___- from the countless dye jobs to get a to my dream BRONDE (blonde/brown mix) stage. My wish was fulfilled after multiple subtle bleaches in the hair dyes, It looked so pretty in the first week but because of uni I didn't have the time and energy to condition and care for it properly and eventually turned into a dry frizzy mess! (Think: HAY!) T___T Totally regret it now - dye after dye actually thinned my hair a bit >_< I mean, I'm all for being slim but who wants skinny hair?? O__O NUH-UH!

So, I thought by bringing in warmer tones to my hair I should be able to restore the shine and lustre my hair once had many years ago :PP I came came across this shade (probably the model on the box sold me as well. It looked sooo good on her haha!).

On the box it shows a rich medium milk chocolate colour with a hint of maroon. Soo prettyyy!!

Unfortunately, I don't have any pics of the dye on my new phone :(( So, as the best alternative - I've found some on the internet instead ^___^

(Image taken from courtesy of

Here's the shade chart located at the back of the box on approx how the dye would turn out like after application (Looks totally different from the front of box tbh).

After Hair Colour:
(Following pics were enlarged to show as much of the colour as possible. Please note: Colours differ on different screens)
After 2 days: My hair looks practically near natural black with a splash of deep wine.
Don't think I suit very dark colours well - makes my features more harsh ahaha DD:
Here is me with Lanomche (don't worry if you can't pronounce her name. I can't either!). Visit her blog if you like here :)) The "Dark horse". She can appear shy and timid. Be warned - all hell can break loose with this one hahaha! xDD

After 5 days: The colour seems to have lightened quite noticeably :)) After 5 days, there seems to be a very subtle purply/red tinge to my hair - lightened to quite a nice deep chocolate brown ^_^

After 2 weeks:  The red undertones are definitely pushing its way through now. I'm starting to see red highlights :)) I totally adore this colour :DD

 Haha, ignore my "Yea, W.E" goofy semi-serious face on the second pic here :PP I didn't have any others unfortunately. (I don't take nearly as many pics many other bloggers do :(( Maybe I should start to do that!) 
After 3 weeks: Oh what happened?
Taken in artificial lighting in my room. This seems to cancel out any redness in my hair :// Looks more ash to me now. 
4 weeks later: Phew, the warmth is still there :)) Guess my hair was so dry from all the rain and wind we've been getting lately in London. Brrr. Wrap up!
My hair is noticeably drying up - split ends?
(Oh Gawdddd. Why must my face show up so pinky here? Haha!).
5 weeks after: Look at that shine! *__* Ohh how I missed you!
This was taken in bright artificial lighting. Red tones are nicely visible but less red now. It's more golden! Brightens up my complexion? ;))
Used my GHD's my boyffie bought me last Xmas - this year has flown by! :OO

Super current pic in indoor lighting. Wearing just mascara and tried out DiorSkin Nude Natural Glow Radiant Fluid Foundation in 020 Light Beige (That's a mouthful!). My Super Lazy makeup day! Hehe!!
3 days ago: As you can see, my blondish undertones are slowly creeping through again 5 weeks later :(( don't think i'm gonna stay dark-haired much longer with a few more washes.
Used the Banana Shampoo and Banana Conditioner from The Body Shop. (It's so moisturising and clarifies the hair at the same time. Try them out!).

Overall Verdict:
I know with my camera skillage, its very difficult to make out the actual colour of my hair due to the difference in lighting and just the cruddy quality of the images. I should invest in a proper camera (I actually do have one but it makes all my images slightly warmer than normal o__O). 

And the amount of hair washing is inconsistent per week, which does not give a reliable test on the durability of colour of the product. 

The colour probably did not turn out as expected due to my base colour being a light orangey brown colour hence why this shade is coming through right now. Would probably be a beautiful colour on those with you with neutral brown hair. 

- It's relatively cheap and easily available in most health+beauty stores and supermarkets. 
- Fuss free easy foam application
- Comes out darker when freshly applied but lightens after a few washes. Nearly comparable to the box shade - Yaaay! ^__^
- Hair seems more healthier and shinier after :))  
- It is rather gentle on your hair :DD *Thumbs up* - Does not irritate scalp
- Has a strong chemical smell to this dye =__=" Must apply in a well ventilated room! 
- One bottle is enough to cover my whole head - medium/long coarse hair.

- Un-exciting shade selection (for me that is hehe)
- Outcome colour is always much darker than box colour on my asian hair when using European brands compared Asian brands in the beginning. Dye was only left on for 20mins.

Would I repurchase? 
Probably in a different colour. It's actually not that bad. 
I would most likely go for an Asian foam dye in the future (more suited for my asian hair). Such as the Liese Bubble Hair Color Dye (Korean brand) or Palty Foam Hair Color Dye (Japanese brand).

Would I recommend?
Yes, if you want a cheap, quick and easy DIY dye job :)) 
This 5G Medium Golden Brown shade brings more warmth and life to my complexion - I look less dead now than I did before. A lovely Winter shade :DD

What do you guys think? 

Do you prefer lighter or darker hair? :))

Have you tried Clairol's Nice 'n Easy Colour Blend Foam dye? 

Let me know :DD

Until next time :))


  1. Looks good a little hard to tell the actual colour but doesnt look like it faded much

    1. I know :(( The lighting condition wasn't consistent throughout >__<" DOH!
      It faded quite a bit for the first 2 weeks after colouring revealing som of my previous colour but settled after that :DD

  2. Love the darker hair!! Suit su more!

    The Misty Mom

    1. Thank you Sharina! :))
      I couldn't agree with you more ^__^ Darker colour makes my hair look much more healthier thus me more livelier in general :PP
      I love your blog btw :DD New follower <33

  3. beautiful pictures and great post! your blog is very good and interesting. im glad if you visit my blog, too <3 keep in touch!


    1. Hey Thi Lan!
      Awhh thank you hun ^__^
      Sadly, I don't blog as often as others :(( Don't have the time T__T hmphh. Hope to do more posts soon tho!

      Your blog is so adorable <3 Followed! :DD

      <3 <3