Sunday, 9 March 2014

Beauty Bay The Collection Eyeshadow Palette: Flawless Rose

Being an avid online beauty shopper, I couldn't pass up the opportunity to grab this palette while it was 35% off for a limited time at I even broke my make up spending ban for it, which only lasted a measly -ahem- 2 days. Yes! 2 days! God, i'm weak.. T_T

Amazingly, I also had a code for an extra 10% off all products offered on BeautyBay too! (found online, can't remember it >.<) So, i had an incredible 45% off for this baby! Near 1/2 price! *squeals* I good price reduction like that can ALWAYS push me off my pedestal! RRP: £15.00. Total Price paid = £8.78!! Hallelujah! 

Anywhos, beautybay is an online cosmetic and health and well-being giant selling some of the most luxe lines and cult beauty favourites. They have recently (i think) launched their own line of products, "Beauty Bay The Collection", ranging from foundations and powders to ;lipstick and nail polish.

They have a total of 3 palettes so far: Flawless Chic, Flawless Couture, and Flawless Rose.

I bought Flawless Rose as i don't seem to own a pinky neutral eyeshadow palette and didn't feel like splurging on the new UD NAKED 3 because i tried pink/rose/purply shades in the past and don't seem to work well with my complexion (looked like both of my eyes took a K.O. as quoted by my sisters -_-") and unsurprisingly avoided it ever since (this was 7 years ago - dayummm time has flown!). So, this palette is perfect for me to experiment with pinkier shades again ^_^

Comes cased in this attractive cardboard sleeve
Sleeve removed, the packaging is simple, slim and sleek :)

I was pleasantly surprised by the size of this palette - was much bigger than anticipated for sure! The 12 eyes shadows are housed in a lightweight yet sturdy plastic casing and cushioned in some-sort of plastic sponge material? o_O which looks a bit cheap in my opinion - mine is actually coming off on one corner :( humph!

Inside is a protective piece of transparent plastic
The 12 shadows, they are very reasonably sized but i'm not a fan of the sponge interior - it's already peeling off at the edges >_<" ugh!
Left quad shades

Heavy Arm swatches from top row to bottom row
Finger swatches (oh my, got dry wrinkly fingers >.<)
Middle quad shades

Middle quad shades heavy swatches from top row to bottom row
Right quad shades

Right quad shades heavy swatches (from top row to bottom row)

The quality of the eyeshadows are not bad for the price paid, but not worth the £15 retail price tagg though. It lies more on the sheer side and requires a lot of layering to get maximum pigment. I was expecting a teensy bit more pigmentation though for its £15 rrp. The texture feels dry and a bit chalky and needs a lot of blending to get rid of the powdery residue..No buttery smoothness here ladies, unfortunately. I haven't tried it wet yet (i never do) so it may be smoother and give better colour pay-off that way? 

None the less, the shades do look quite beautiful when swatched :) and guess what?! I tested the pink and purple shades on my lids (no pictures, sorry.) and NO PUNCHED EYE EFFECT! Horrah! :D It's perfect for your everyday sweet natural look :))) Every shade seems to have some fine shimmer in it but doesn't translate on the eyes - it looks completely matte.

The only shade i absolutely detest the is black shadow on the right quad of the palette. It has got to be by far the worst quality of eye shadow i have ever tried. No pigmentation - can't even be built up! I tried sooo many layers but to no avail. And it's the driest of the bunch.. very, very dry.

The longevity of the shadows do fair quite well without eye primer (i don't prime my eyes anyways.. lazy me!) and seems to stay on for the whole day without creasing (i have very small lids ho-hum) however, is rubbed off easily though.

Comes with its own dual ended brush. 

- Affordable for the price i paid
- Large amount of shadows
- Great for neutral lovers, especially those trying out more rosy shades
- Decent sized mirror
- Sleek packaging

- Is not worth its RRP at £15, you can get better palettes out there for that price
- Lack of pigmentation, hard to build up colour - need to pack on the shadow
- Texture is horrible -dry and needs a lot of blending in
- Interior of palette is weak and peels off easily

Overall verdict: The shades are quite beautiful in my opinion and perfect for your everyday nude colours and i love the size of the shades. However, i am disappointed with the quality of these shadows. If the texture and pigmentation were to be improved, it would be worth trying out.

Recommended? No, don't think you should waste your money on this palette. 

Will I buy again? 100% Nopes. After trying out this one, i won't be testing the other palettes either even at offer price.


  1. Thanks for the review! I am sorry you did not like the palette. I was thinking about getting it but since I have the naked 1&2 palettes and since it is so ill performing- I am not going to get it.. p.s. I have bought 2 beautybay collection lipsticks. uff, I wish I didn't buy them- just 5 more euros and I could get a UD lipstick instead.. nope, not worth your money!

    Check out my blog, please! :)

    1. Yup, Was deffo expecting more from this palette :( Thanks for letting me know about the lippies.. don't think i'll purchase anymore of beauty bay's own brand items from now on :P

  2. Thanks for reviewing this. It took me ages to find a review. I've been contemplating getting this as part of one of the beauty boxes they offer, but now I'm not so sure. The colours do look a bit wishy washy. Xx