Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Missha Under Eye Brightener Concealer

Hey guys :)) 

How long has it been since I last posted? O____O MUCH TOO LONG!! :PP

I've just been busy with lots of little things and I guess you can say I kindda forgot I had a blog >__<"

(To think of it, I haven't even finished my last post!)

Ok, now for the review :))

Missha's Description of product:
- A tip type concealer that contains brightening properties which will cover dark circles and imperfections.

Weight: 6 grams

Retail Price: Approx £3.32 from Cosmetic- Love

Natural Beige (L) Light Beige (R)
The Missha Under Eye Brightener Concealer comes in 2 colours - Light beige and natural beige.
I didn't know what colour to choose so I got both ;PP

Application Tip
As you can see, these concealers have a soft fluffy application tip. I prefer these tips over the brush ones ;)) Personal preference :DD

In both the above photos: Natural Beige (L) and Light Beige (R) with 2 layers.

For reference, I am between NC25-30 currently

Light Beige #1

Light beige is much brighter and has more yellow tones to it. 

This is the lightest colour and would be best suited for those skintones NC20 and under. At the moment its a bit too light for my summer tan skin (went on holiday to HK not long ago) :PP So will be kept away until winter when my skin lightens up usually to NC15-20! :DD 

Natural Beige #2

Natural Beige is noticeably darker and contains much more pink tones to it. 

This is the darker colour of the 2 and as it is a Korean product it still runs light and may not be suitable for skintones NC35 and over. However, it is perfect for my lets just say NC27 (if there was one) xDD It blends like a dream :))

NB:// These can also be used as a highlighter to highlight the brow bone, cupids bow and cheek bones as it has a beautiful brightening effect and not just for covering under eye dark circles and discolouration!

Here are the piccies. Be prepared!! >___<

Bare skin  (only minimal eye make up applied) Can you see the minor dark circle?

Applying the concealer in Natural Beige. It is rather thick and only very little is needed.
(Arghh my brows and pores are unbearable!! Haha!! Blehhh!!)

Natural Beige all blended! Tadaaa - instant brightness and covers up my dark circles v.well ^_^ 
The concealer is so rich and creamy - it blends so well covering my dark circles :)) I suffer from dry, eczema-prone skin and many concealers I have tried usually cake up  under my eye area or irritates it. This does not and even covers my fine lines <3 font="font" nbsp="nbsp" yay="yay">

Now for Light Beige on the other eye >:)) 

(Non-smiley shots look weird on me o__O haha - I look COLD and FREAKEHH!)

You can definitely see here, Light Beige is just a bit too light for me, for now :PP I look like death!

Closee uppp of Light Beige. Deffo not a match - doesn't look too good. under my eyes but  could be used as a highlighter instead :))


- Rich and creamy
- Doesn't cake
- Doesn't settle into fine lines
- Affordable
- Exceptional staying power
- Does not irritate my sensitive skin
- Covers redness well

- Needs to be ordered online for those living in the UK
- Lack of shades available.
- Shades come light
- Great for those with minor dark circles but may not be high enough coverage for those with more severe ones

Would I recommend it: YES! :))) But not HG status. There are better ones out there, but for the affordable price and quality you can't go wrong :)) Give it a go! Its under £3.50!! O___O*


  1. I got one today. It is such a good product!

  2. I got this on althea and I love it. I read your blog for tips on how to apply it from a professional. It really brightens my under eye then after than I applied a face powder. I guess I need to put a little amount of it so it wont look like I have a light under my eye haha.