Saturday, 1 December 2012

Me and My Once Upon a Time Super Duper Long Hair! Micro Ring Extensions Review!

Hi guys!

Sorry I haven't been blogging lately.. or shall I say for MONTHS! O_O" Arghh!

Just been terribly busy with Uni and all the other stuff that comes packaged with being a student haha! ;DD

So this is gonna be a random (and awfully late) post that I should have done a longgg time ago ;))

Just looking back at past photo's and I came across some when I had my micro ring extensions in. They lasted for 4 months before I had to remove them all as it got terribly matted at the back of my head :PP Not bad, not bad!

These piccies were taken last year around the winter season :DD Thought I share my thoughts and experience with micro ring extensions with you guys :))

What are micro ring extensions? 

"Micro ring extensions are generally considered as being the safest strand-by-strand extension method on the market today. There is no glue, sewing or braiding involved so this means that there is no damage to your natural hair!
This method attaches strands of extensions hair to your own hair by use of a small ring, known as a micro ring. The rings are clamped in place and provide a secure bond that can withstand vigorous activity!  Micro rings are comfortable to wear and won’t slip out! The rings come in different colours to match your hair and are coated with silicon for extra comfort. This method is easy to apply and remove.
Micro rings should last for about 3 months before having to be removed and reused or replaced. Maintenance appointments to tighten the rings will be needed every 4-6 weeks.
This method is suitable for use with ALL HAIR TYPES!"
You can read the full description here.

Where did I go to get them?
I had mine done at Louise Pierre Salon in London, Euston.
31 Chalton Street

What did I have and How much did it cost?

They was having an offer currently at the time and I jumped the wagon and went in for the kill as I had always worn my clip-in extensions (as seen in my previous post) which was time consuming and tedious every morning.
spent around £450 if I can remember correctly (with £20 deducted as I waited for over an hour as she was applying them with another customer). I chose to have a full head of Brazilian hair at 28" in length. This was the priciest type and longest length in the salon. I actually had to get 2 colours mixed in together to match my hair colour at the time as I had multi-highlighted hair of warm and cool tones :// weird I know.

Full price listing and details can be found here :DDD

Piccie time!! v^___^v

Having luxurious long hair was a joy for a while but became extremely high maintenance!
I chose the Brazilian quality hair as they were the thickest out of European, Indian and Chinese types available. I did the full head (around 150-200) of 180 rings at 28" - boy, it was so damn HEAVY!! Haha!
VOILA! In about 3 hours and £470 later, my thin medium length hair transformed into Long Thick Luscious Strong Healthy locks!! *____* oOoOohh aAaAahhh.

At around this time, I went to the hairdressers to layer and cut the extensions to mix in with my real hair. I had 3" cut off as I realised that it was far too long for my liking after a while haha! Arghhh what a waste of money, I would've saved more £££ if I had opted for a shorter length!
The extensions looked SO REAL and NATURAL! Nobody and I mean NOBODY could tell it was fake ;PP

 My hair was a Light Ash Brown with Golden Blonde Undertones at the time. This made my Neutral-Warm complexion appear a lot cooler and lighter!
The long hair made me feel even more of a girly girl and elongated my face - slimming down my chubby cheeks :))

Teehee, was just getting ready to go out and above is just a before make up free face look and an after made up face look :PP
I only ever rarely go out of the house without some sort sort of makeup on my face but it seems that with the addition of gorgeous long shiny locks - it don't seem as bad! OMG, did I just say that?! I love my beauty products too much!! Kekeke!!

Sorry, I've lost my other photo's so have to use one from the web >__< DOH! 
It should look something like this when applied!

My final thoughts on having micro-ring extensions:

Pro's of Micro-ring extensions:
- Least damaging to your natural hair compared to other methods of bonding such as glue as it requires No Heat or No Glue :))
- Quite long lasting
- Looks extremely naturaaaal! ;)) Beautiful results!
- Expect loads of compliments kekeke! ;DD
- Easy to style

Con's of having micro-ring extensions:

- Rather pricey if no offers are available
- Expect to lose a few bonds within the first week due to brushing and washing hair
- Uncomfortable weight applied to your natural hair (but will soon get used to it hehe)
- Very high maintenance (only applicable to the longer hair lengths)! It took me over an hour to wash, blow-dry and style just my hair!
- The extra weight tugged on my hair and once removed my hair looked thinner and flatter than before >__< (any type of extensions are more suitable for those with stronger hair)
- Will get matted and tangled if you don't attend monthly maintenance T__T

Would I get this done again? 

As lovely as it looks.. Most likely NOT as it is rather expensive, also the cost of maintenance every 4 weeks is £50 for me to move the rings up more to the crown as they will slide down due to hair growth, gravity, washing etc.

Final verdict:

This was a great experience but sadly not one I would repeat. After removal of the extensions my hair was in a complete state (looks very thin and dry) as my hair was probably damaged to begin with :'(( But if you have strong healthy hair, can afford+maintain it £££ and want longer hair - by all means go for it and try it out! ;)) 

If you live in London and are interested in Micro ring extensions, weaves, wigs etc I definately recommend checking out Louise Pierre Salon. She is so talented, professional and friendly.

But for me, I think i'll just let time do all the growing!! And spend my money on other things ;PP Teehee!! 

Until Next Time