Saturday, 21 May 2011

New Obsession - Head Kandy Hair Extensions

Hey there guys! :))

I've just realised that it's been over a shocking 7 months since i've last blogged here =_= Poor blog - forgotten and abandoned T_T

Anyways, ever since cutting my long hair regrettably short for the start of my uni life "a year ago" it never really did return back to its original length as I have hoped. It grew out pretty well, then suddenly stopped just above the puppies - arghhh! (How much time does my hair neeed??)

The solution: HAIR EXTENSIONS! WHEE! ;DD Here goes:

I did my research on all different types of extensions available out there from ranging from glued in, looped, and yada yada (Don't wanna get into too much detail and bore da shizz outta you ;PP) In the end I chose "Clip In" hair extensions :)) Since they are more economical (Yup, i'm a skint student that never seems to save...much) and plus provides minimal damage to your hair compared to the more permanent extensions (My hair is wrecked from the dyeing processes over the past few years - someone give me a Frazzle To Dazzle Hair-Over?? :)) Wait, is there even such a thing?? o_O)

There were 3 brands of Remy Real Human Hair Extensions i was considering (all based on excellent reviews):

1) Foxy Locks Hair Extensions

2) Head Kandy Hair Extensions

3) Rapunzel Rapunzel Hair Extensions

In the end i chose Head Kandy and bought the Deluxe Full Head Set in 20 - 22"/51 - 56 cm in Hot Toffee.

Why? Because I love the fact that their hair comes in various lengths and has a huge range of colours to chose from. You can even send them a piccie of your hair and they would recommend the shade for you so there's no trial and error there!! (Neat huh?) Also, there's A LOT of hair for the amount you pay - Only £79.99 for 180 grams!! O_O SHOCKING! Hmm, it may seem expensive for all you who are considering buying extensions (for the long luscious hair you've always wanted) but are new to them - in my opinion: they are definitely worth it - for the the quality and the amount you get is FAB! Whoop! :DD Ps. You don't really need to wear all of the wefts unless you have mighty thick hair :PP

Look at the cute lil packaging it comes in :33

What's inside:

- 10 pieces (all numbered for ease of use) 
- Instructions booklet on how to wear them
- 2 Spare clips (just in case any clips break off due to wear and tear)

Wearing the Head Kandy Extensions, waved using straightener (sorry about the bad pic quality - taken from my iPhone 3G hehe) Oh, I like to point out that it's the shadow that makes the extensions seem darker than my hair colour. They actually blend flawlessly..the pic does it no justice whatsoever!)

Comfort: 3.5/5
These were exceptionally comfortable but did occasionally pull on my hair at the end of the day and needed to be shifted up towards the roots after a few hours. I recommend back combing the roots a little before clipping the extensions in the hair. This makes them more secure.

Quality: 4.5/5
The extensions are 100% human hair and can be styled and washed exactly the same as your normal hair. Out of the box, the hair is so soft and silky and thick but once washed it becomes a bit dull and dry therefore heavy conditioning and care may be required. The thickness is equal throughout the length of each weft.

Price: 5/5
As mentioned earlier - at £79.99 for 180 grams containing 10 pieces is a very good deal. I only needed to use 6 pieces and saved the others ^__^

Overall verdict: 4.5/5
I love them! If you crave long, luscious hair in an instant - Try them out! ;)) Headkandy carries a huge range of colours and different lengths. If your unsure which colour is for you, just send them a piccie of your hair in natural lighting and they'll recommend the colour for you ;DD how convenient!
They look extremely natural and no-one suspected I was wearing them (They all thought my hair grew at the speed of light within my 2 week uni Easter term break haha).
From all the positives about these extensions, I'm able to excuse the clips from sliding down my hair at the end of the day.

Until next time, Kayleigh xoxo

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