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Skylake Natural Green Essence + Skylake Natural Eye Cream Review

I have very sensitive skin that is eczema-prone on the cheeks and is easily irritated. So choosing natural origin products without any harsh ingredients or chemicals is very important for me.

From my HK trip in a shop called "Colormix", a sales assistant observed my skin (it was slightly red, rough in texture and peeling on the cheeks *shivers*) and recommended me to try these Skylake products: The essence for night time use as a night cream and an eye cream to be used daily, day and night! 

I was a bit dubious at first but due to the current appearance of my skin I was desperate to improve it as nothing works arghhh!! Even if I had to go through hundreds of products using trial and error, spending a whole lotta £££ - I WOULD! >:(( I'M THAT DETERMINED!! Then again, i'm a sucker for trying out different natural products with claims to improve skin tone and texture :PP Hehe! 

Never heard of the Korean Brand - SKYLAKE before? 
Here's some info regarding the brand (taken from their website: Sky lake):

ABOUT US"Green company SKYLAKE 
Our factory is placed in very clean area where traditional medical faith has started and been famous for taking care of man's sickness and making wishes come true. 
Our products are made of oriental herbs. They are selected from special products of our home town, Kyoung san-City and studied and experimented by doctors and local University. We make abstracted water(Sky Lake Herb Water) with our whole mind. 

Below, are a list of ingredients used in SkyLake's products (the amount varies with each product). 

This content is referenced from a Botanical List and the Efficacy
can be different depends on using method medical herb

Nourish the Blood, restore,
Acceleration Blood Circulation, bactericidal

Clean Blood, disinfects,Antiphlogistic stimulate

Removal Fever,disinfects

Acceleration Blood Circulation, soothe, bactericidal, emollient

disinfects, soothe, Skin Ulcer, emollient

Antiphlogistic,Antidote,disinfects,antiseptic, Relax Pain)

soothe, Removal Fever, bactericidal

Removal Fever, Antidote, Antiphlogisti

Removal Fever, Nutrition Robustness

Stomachache, antiseptic

hydrate, Clean Blood, Lower Blood Pressure, Prevention Constipation

Nourish Blood, Decreasing Cholesterol,
Prevention Constipation, stimulate

Antidote, Antiphlogisti,Relax Trouble

Removal impurities , Control Sebum

Anti-Oxidation, Inhibition of Aging

Discharging Harmful Stuff from Body, Energizing,revitalis the skin


help strengthen the cutaneous barrier, provide comfort 

Alrightioooo, with all the background info done - here's the review and piccies bit:

Natural Eye Cream (L) Natural Green Essence (R)

Both comes packaged with Hygienic Pump Nozzle Tops! Whoop!
Both Suitable: For All Skin Types
Both Size: 50 ml

I love the packaging as it showcases that its a luxurious all natural product thus gives off a luxurious feel. The eye cream is very sleek and slender - very cute and easily portable but on the other hand, the essence bottle looks to be 3x the size of the eye cream even though they both carry 50 ml. This is due to the excess packaging of the extra wall of plastic encasing it. On the plus side, the essence is exceptionally light in hand. 

The pump nozzle tops make these products very hygienic as it greatly reduces the risk of contamination from your hands and the exposure of the air around it :)) 

Product description for Skylake Natural Green Essence:

Nurturing your skin comes naturally with oriental herb water spray. “Herb Water of Sky-lake” is extracted and distilled from oriental herbal medicine which is matured in a Korean traditional jar.

Our Herb water has natural herb components without any chemicals. Come face to face with the benefits of nature as
this cooling, refreshing mist helps hydrate and balance your skin while minimizing surface oil build-up.

Refreshingly aromatic helps tone, balance and replenishes moisture. Dryness Skin can be maintained Moisture by  moisturizing action, and in case of oily or combination skin, you can get oil & moisture level on your skin balanced by shrinkage pores effect.

- Natural Green Essence is made of chamomile oil highly effected for antiseptic and relaxing so that gives energy to sensitive and dry skin. It also uses a patented oriental herb water that has soothing and moisturizing effects on skin.

Containing 18 kinds of the Tianchi unique to the South Korean side herbal extracts with efficient whitening, moisturizing, anti-inflammatory, detoxification, sedation and other effects. In addition to Tianchi unique herbal formula, in particular to join the highest anti-inflammatory, sedative, moisturizing, repair, whitening and speed up the metabolism of the precious ingredients, Sang Shirane, butylene glycol, glycerin, roman chamomile, allantoin, hyaluronic acid, vitamin E, refined and pure technical ingredients to achieve ultrafine subdivision sub, the cells easily absorb, and to achieve the perfect effect.

Ingredients: Moisturizing: - Pueraria , butylene glycol , glycerin , hyaluronic acid , biological sugar can soft skin and maintain flexibility. To supplement the skin's natural sebum, has the function of moisturizing. 
Antioxidant tighten: -Vitamin E Antioxidant moisturizer to maintain connective tissue and protect the skin from UV damage, epidermal growth factor , increased epidermal smooth, adenosine plays an important role in the energy conversion cycle of the human body, with help the metabolism of the skin, smooth wrinkles effect. Anti-inflammatory Whitening healing: - Sang Bai root , Cork , gotu kola , roman chamomile , Glycyrrhiza glabra , anti-inflammatory Angelica , sedation helps whitening and sedation soothing effect. Usage ︰ this product after cleansing morning and evening and make-up water, remove the appropriate component, and then coated with the day-to-day care products. * Suitable for dry and ageing skin.  

- Use a small amount spread on the face.
- Covered with the palm to the face helping the absorption of the product, then tapping gently.

Blob of essence - it has a thick, mild cloudy-ish gel like consistency 
Rub rub rub
Watery in appearance once spread out - only very little is needed to cover desired area (I put a lil too much on!). Massage until fully absorbed.
Verdict on Skylake Natural Green Essence:

Smell: A natural grassy oriental herb sortta smell if you've ever smelt that before kekeke! Either way, its bearable and quite aromatic. The scent, I find does not linger for long. In the beginning I wasn't particularly a fan of the smell but after a while - I LOVE IT! Mmmmm.. grassyyy goodness!!

Texture: Very light and smooth gel texture that glides on skin effortlessly. 

Price: I paid $450HKD so that's approx £37.11

What I like about it: 
- Does not clog pores
- Made with all natural ingredients
- Would not irritate sensitive eczema prone skin
- Hydrates skin leaving a semi-matt finish. Definitely great for all skin types.
- Has to be massaged till product is absorbed - this promotes facial exercise preventing sagging skin.

What I dislike about it:
- Has a natural oriental herb scent which I like but not all would like it
- It's pricey and difficult to find outside of HK/Korea
- Order online only for UK buyers

Overall Verdict:
It is a very nice product from Skylake. Does not irritate my skin and soothes and gently hydrates my skin on more troubled days. I believe I have found my HG essence for night time use ^___^

Would I recommend it? Ohhh hellss yess x2!! It's heavennn for my erratic, ever-changing skin! 

Would I repurchase? Will continue using it till its last beautiful gel drop and buy more IF I can find it online at a good price T___T If you live in HK and have sensitive skin - get yourself down to the nearest Colormix and grab yourself one ASAP!!


Product description for Skylake Natural Eye Cream:

It reduces puffiness and energizes skin
1.Composited Extracting water of oriental Herbs of Sky-Lake that has patents and certificate of US FDA gives great effect of skin relax from stress and skin moisturizing.

2. Natural Bees wax and Propolis give skin natural nutrition and moisture.

3. Using Bees wax makes some glossy, but it is highly 
nourishing cream, not oil. 

4. Using natural preservative, 100% natural cosmetic.
• Promotes radiance around eyes 
• Refreshes with rose and Ylang-Ylang essential oils 
• Protects with powerful anti-oxidants

Thick and creamy consistency
Smoothing out the eye cream
Completely smoothed out - see the hydration?
Verdict on SkyLake's Natural Eye Cream:

Smell: Very similar scent to the essence but much milder with a sweeter scent due to the rose and ylang-ylang essential oils may be? :PP

Texture: Thick and creamy. Takes some time to fully absorb.

Price: 360 HKD approx to £29.71

What I like about the product:
- Basic essential eye cream for daily night and day use. Perfect for young sensitive skin. 
- Does not irritate the sensitive eye area.
- Made from natural ingredients.
- Great for sensitive skins.

What I dislike about the product:
- I like that it's a basic eye cream but has absolutely no added benefits such as anti-ageing, firming, whitening etc. I suppose I don't really need it yet at 22 but prevention is better than treatment right? ;PP
- Takes a long time to fully absorb - a bit on the heavy side.
- Leaves an oily film around the eyes - due to the beeswax.
- Settles into fine lines and I see no improvement.
- Has rose and ylang-ylang essential oils! Not good for those sensitive to these ingredients.

Overall verdict:
Only a so-so eye cream for me. Nothing to be extremely excited about. For the price of around £30, I don't think its worth the price as its a bit too greasy and heavy for my liking. However, contains natural ingredients suitable for sensitive skin.

Would I recommend it? Yes, great for those who want a basic eye cream that moisturises and for those with dry/extremely sensitive skin. Might be a bit too oily for oily skins though. 

Would I repurchase it? Hmm probably not once i've finished the bottle. Will try something new - Still in search of my HG eye cream! :((

Okay, that's it for now! :)) Until next time!!

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