Sunday, 23 February 2014

Journey Through The Military Diet - Day Three! Final Day!

Good morning everyone ^^ 

[Ohhh Gosh, I can't believe I have totally forgot to upload this post :( so sorry guys!]

This is the final day of the military diet - Day Three! :) Looking at the menu today - very minimal O_O* Eep!
Last nights (Day Two) butt squat work out has taken its affect today - dramatically! I think I over did it and went flying off my fitness limit haha! Every inch of my thighs are killing me! Surprisingly, not the butt! o_O Did I do it incorrectly? Hmmm. But yes, walking down the up and down the stairs feel unbearable, always get the shakies, feels as if I've aged 50 years overnight bwahaha! As they say: No pain, no gain right? :P So I take this as a good sign ;) Slender legs here I come :') 


So here's the menu for today's meals: Bland-tastic! >:')


- 5 saltine crackers
- Slice of cheese


- Cup of decaffeinated green tea
- 1 slice of whole grain bread
- 1 scrambled egg (3 drops of olive oil and salt, pepper seasoning)


- 1 cup of decaffeinated green tea
- 1 can of tuna
- 1/2 banana (not shown)
- Lettuce (not suppose to be here but I was still very hungry!)
- Muller Fruit Corner Peach (not shown, substitute for vanilla ice cream)

Overall: I felt that this military diet was quite difficult for me to do, the first day was fine and i was still very energetic and thought "this is easy, don't know why people find it hard", however i understood that now towards the second day, that's when it really hit me and i became very lethargic.. so much for being smug, eh? Ha!

In total I have lost a total of 5 lbs! Dropping from 9st 10lbs to 9st 5lbs!! I think it is mainly water weight though. My tummy does feel much flatter, and can even suck it in towards my spine creating an abnormally concave space haha, freakeh! xDD

Is it safe and effective? Yes I believe it to be safe and effective for times you need an instant "trim and tuck" for special occasions or what not :P However, i do not recommend doing this in the long run in bid to lose weight as that then would make it extremely unhealthy and dangerous to your health!

I would like to add, this weight lose is pretty much temporary and you will gain weight back when you start eating normally, even if you feel that your appetite has shrunken :P So stick to eating clean and exercising y'all!! Best method out there!! Instead of some faddy diet. 

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  1. Because my sister's wedding is coming up in 2 week's time, I tried the military diet in the hope of losing 10 far I lost 5! It was very doable and the list of food that you need is very inexpensive! There's a meal plan that you just have to follow to make it. No more mix and matching food because everything is right there.
    I also like the fact that I can substitute some food with my preference. The first thing I replaced were the hotdogs! I ate lean chicken instead since it's healthier. I can't stomach eating hotdogs, lol.
    This week, when I start the diet again, I hope to lose 5 more pounds and I'm done! So wish me luck!
    Here's a great resource page to help