Monday, 10 March 2014

DHC Premium Lipstick GE PK102 Petal Pink

It's only just recently that my interest in lipsticks decided to randomly soar sky high (alongside highlighters - ohhhh Charlotte Tilbury: Bar of Gold, I got my eye on you!), before that can walk through any lipstick section without a batting an eye as my passion lied in foundation and BB cream in search for that flawless canvas. Even though the search is still on for my HG foundation, it will be taking the back seat for now as boyyyyyy, priorities change!

Let me introduce to you: DHC Premium Lipstick GE in Petal Pink (PK102) priced at $19.00 (approx £11.36) it is quite affordable :) and has 2.4g worth of product. Unfortunately, it is not available at DHC UK yet -sigh- but all is not lost as luckily EBAY exists! I bought mine at Ebay a few weeks ago shipped from US but its gone now :( Keep on checking back! :D 

It first sparked my interest when popular beauty blogger musingsofamuse raved about it here on her blog and after seeing the lip swatches, I needed it in my life!

"Age-defying lipsticks. Hydrating, satin-finished DHC Premium Lipstick GE helps your lips look younger with revitalizing ingredients and Pure Color Technology—micronized pigments that deflect light for a fuller, plumper appearance. In six wearable shades perfect for any occasion. Helps fight vertical fine lines with olive oil, vitamin A and skin-conditioning germanium."

Elegant and light packaging. I love the floral etchings on the base and the two tone colours goes beautifully together
2.4g worth of product
PK102 Petal Pink :)
Indoor Indirect daylight: Light swatch (L), Heavy swatch (R)
Indoor direct sunlight: Light swatch (L), Heavy swatch (R)
Indoor evening, indirect artificial light: Light swatch (L), Heavy swatch (R)
Indoor direct arttificial light: Light swatch (L), Heavy swatch (R)

The shade is best described as a soft medium muted pink when swatched on my hand, however translates to more of a baby pink MLBB shade on my lips. It wears sheer but the intensity can definitely be built up by adding more layers. But if you are expecting a vibrant pop of colour this is not for you as it leans more natural. It has fine micro shimmer particles in it creating a subtle lustre shine, and the shimmer is not noticeable on the lips.

Smooth, creamy, buttery goodness. Glides on easily and sinks into  the lips as it is very moisturising. It does not accentuate any fine lines or dry patches on me :) whoop! And best of all it feels just like a tinted lip balm. Best of both worlds!

It only lasts about 2 hours but that's to be expected as it is a moisturising lipstick. I don't mind reapplying this baby throughout the day :') and if you do decide to eat/drink anything within the two hours, there would be nothing left on your lips :P 

No scent detected from my nose and doesn't have that horrid taste if you do decide to lick your lips xD

I'm the type of person who does pay attention to the execution of products, if its pretty enough i'm a sucker to buy it without looking at reviews first >_<" Haiiii! This lipstick has a gold lid with a silver floral etched base.. Loveeeeee. It looks so elegant and sophisticated. It is also very light weight too :D

My natural lip shade
Errr, if this picture is creeping you out.. your not alone, I feel the same way too haha! I wanted to show you the full face with the lippie. 
I tend to look super unnatural when i take frontal face shots, so tense and solid like a had a tonne of botox done! Can't help it T_T Tried my best...
Oh oh, I also did my eye make up differently today, lined my upper AND lower eyes - something I rarely do as i feel it closes my already small eyes up! But i felt the need to mix up my eye look. What do you think? Likey? Hmm..

Here's my more flattering side angle shot :D Hehe! 
I love how the lippy makes my lips look so smooth, plump and kissable -oh la la- ;)
It doesn't really change my lip shade too much apart from making it a bit more milky with a subtle sheen due to micro fine shimmer particles. I like it ^_^

- Piggy bank friendly! Can't beat the price for the quality you get for this! 
- Amazing soft, smooth texture, makes lips look slightly fuller
- Natural pink colour pay off. 
- Fragrance free! Great for those who do not particularly enjoy fragranced lippies or sensitive to fragrances! 
- Highly moisturising, does not accentuate the dry flakes on my lips

- Sheer, not good for those who likes to pack a punch in the opaque shade department
- Not long wearing
- Not easily accessible for those living in UK, you must buy online.

Overall Verdict: Though i'm not a big lipstick kindda gal, as a lot of lipsticks just dry my lips out and i end up with prune-like lips within a few minutes. Yes you, MAC! Not attractive. This one is just perfect for all you dry lips sufferers out there!  

Do I recommend it? Yes, you guys need to try this lippie out! Especially those who are into more natural and subtle looks :)

Would I repurchase? I've already have another shade on its way so to speak :P This is my favourite lipstick to date so far :) I do plan on collecting ALL the shades if possible as I just LOVE the formula that much! 

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